Platform for cultural exchanges /2013-2015

Itinerant bench used in Brussels as a medium of expression and shared experience during various block parties and artistic events. Podium, stairs, bench and table simultaneously, this hybrid piece of furniture enable the development of diversified participatory workshops through integrated sound devices and writable surfaces. 6 months of itinerant tour close residents enabled to approach multiple thematics such as collaborative urbanism reflections, body and city melting, poetic sharings, imaginary city sketching workshops, intergenerational question…Banc publik also enabled to discuss on inmates stigmatisation question. A collaboration with St Gilles’ Prison, the public city library, and Supermouche children festival permited to share inmates written-tales with the young public of the festival.

Funding : Brussels capital region | Collaborators : Alternative culture Association (initiative), Saint Gilles’ prison, Public library, Cultural center of Molenbeek-saint-jean (co-production workshop), Supermouche Festival, different artists | Technical support : Collectif Farm Prod (street art) | Image credits : Sarah Michielsen, Maxime Delvaux, Gautier Houba | Video credits : Sabrina Johl

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SuperVliegSuperMouche: pretty fly for a small guy

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Gevangenen schrijven verhalen voor hun kroost: ‘Mijn kind zit ook een beetje in de gevangenis’

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