Pedagogical tool promoting sexual awareness /2013

Ping pong table shaped educational project made for unprotected intercourse prevention towards groups of teenagers. This awareness tool is an efficient manner to share experience about this subject in a dynamic and uninhibited atmosphere, while exchanges between educators and teenagers were usually limited to some sort of caricatures.To upgrade the game process and the tool efficiency the educator draws on the basic equipments of ping pong, the typographic elements of the table top, the educational leaflet summarizing local network informations. These awareness workshops help teenagers to visualise the risks and real solutions, to adopt a more responsible behaviour. Developed with the Pluralistic family planning center, this project is travelling between 8 Brussels working-class-area youth centers.

Funding : Roi Baudouin foundation | Collaborators : BRAVVO association, Pluralist Center of Family Planning, Mad Brussels | Technical support : Aude Busiau (graphic designer), Jérémy Husquin (designer) | Photos credits : Maxime Delvaux