Boosting Urban Bin / 2014

It’s an urban waste management project.

This temporary bins implantation taking place in Luxembourg’s municipal park enabled passer-by to recover civic behaviours. These interactive and playful bins device guides the audience to relearn how to be more respectful and collectively regain this public area through playful interfaces. A completely site-suited solution was developed thanks to the close collaboration of a sociologist, many local actors and an applied Arts and crafts class.

Funding : Luxembourg city, Design city festival
Collaborators : Giulietta Laki (urban sociologist), Arts and crafts school (co-design workshop), Various local actors (historian, geographer, park’s gardener…) | Technical support : Jérémy Husquin (designer) | Image credits : Éric Chenal, Wakup Studio | Video credits : Sabrina Johl | Sound credits : Erwin Pilot

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