Reflection support upon identity / 2016

Intended to isolated people in Cameroon bush country, this project issue is to think about the notion of well-being in a social context which attends individual identity stepping aside for the community one. Getting feedback on one’s own image is the first step to knowledge and self-respect, helping to take position in social environment. No matter how small, mirror is rare in this area and can be used as a daily tool (shaving, depilation, make-up…) but also as a social emancipation tool, especially for women and children.

In view of this fact, Amis de Messamena association which regularly proposes instructions in this Cameroon region, opened a series of workshop based on the well-being question. Giving the opportunity to the local people, mainly paesant, to share on relaxation and beauty care technics (depilation, make-up, hairing…). The serie Black mirror was designed to support participants who join this workshops cycle. Those unbreakable mirrors are suited to the bush and include short african poems evoking themes such as identity, relation to other and time passing. Amis de Messamena

Funding and collaborator : Amis de Messamena association (37) | Technical support : Fablab of Volumes coworking – Paris (digital production) | Image Credits : Wakup studio