Know-how upgrade / 2014

Architecture and furniture design residency addressed to metallurgist apprentices from Eiffel technical secondary school of Tours. Student self-producted a set of furniture aimed to be put up in the Temps Machine theatre’s relaxing space. From the crowd flows in a confined space to the cigarette butts management, students can have visualized the site constrains to propose suited developments according to the real needs. Wakup studio supported the technical and artistical conception along with production tracking within school. Collaborative methods have been privileged to make partners to discuss, and have allowed the students to rediscover their crafts skills through new field works.

Funding : Center region (37), Tour(s) plus | Collaborators : Concert hall Le Temps Machine (37), Technical secondary school Gustave Eiffel (37) | Technical support : The technician teachers of the school Eiffel and the Temps Machine, Tour(s) plus | Image credits : Brian Soumeilhan, Laurent Geneix, Wakup studio

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Du temps et du savoir fer au service d’un patio

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Du temps et du savoir fer au service d’un patio

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