Experiencing with furniture for the workplace / 2015

A series of experimental furniture revisiting our working methods. Fulfilled within Volumes coworking localized in Paris, through various digital and crafts co-production including co-conception workshops.

Through a collective, especially created for the event, the intention was to improve new working methods and highlight as human as technical potential resulting from those kind of area. As a matter of fact, this coworking space has been support of new working methods reflection, conception place, digital production place but also exhibition space. The involved volonteer members of this collective were developers, being sensible to collaborative methods, but also coworkers who daily experimented shared working space challenges.

These workshops gave birth to a series of thematic tables (sleep, game, travel, scent, sound, nature) based on a reversible top table system enabling to switch from the working place to the relaxing space. Besides the final exhibition, the Paris Design Week provided an opportunity to share this experience considering that workshops were open to the public throughout the production process.

Collaborators & Technical support : Volumes coworking (support de réflexion, lieu de travail, lieu de production numérique, espace d’exposition), collectif pluridisciplinaire de coworkers (Atelier JMCA, Frédéric d’Incau, Figura/Sfondo, Mickael Araujo, Yuan Yuan Design Studio, Wakup Studio) | Image credits : Yuan yuan | Video credits : collectif du Coworking au codesign

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